Network parliament and network government of Russia

Russia in the jungles of the network world For millennia, the world’s governing elites (more correctly called pseudo-elites) have formed a global economic, political, media network that operates according to laws that reject justice, humanity, legal norms, and asserts the law of the jungle — defeats the most powerful, cunning, cruel. Fate of peoples — victims is tragic, in their power there are only small…

Российский Экологический Фронт

Environmental problems in the territory of Russia require an urgent solution (English, German)

English: The statement of the conference participants — the representatives of the Russian Ecological Front network structure «Greens — the main political force of our time». We, the conference participants, responsibly declare that in the territory of the Russian Federation there has been an emergency ecological situation in several aspects. 1: Climate. Global warming of anthropogenic origin (its existence is reliably proven) is 2.5 times faster in the…

Почему люди убивают всё живое?

Why do people kill all the living things?

Since humans have lived on the Earth they have been destroying nature and living creatures around. For example, on the 11th of December 2019 our State Duma ( the parliament of the Russian Federation) in 1 reading passed a shameful and slaughterer bill No 689852-7 «About enclosure hunting», allowing hunting in an enclosure. What does it mean? It means undisguised sadism in its purest form. According to the bill,…


China – the ecological criminal (english, chinese)

I have been living and working in China for a long time, and the first thing that has drawn my attention is the complete absence of decent air, water and trees. And after Chinese food my face was covered with a rash. I began to gather information on what is going on there with ecology but it was really difficult to do in their Internet resources because in China the Internet is under complete…


Oil-backed Russia against young activist

Our civilization is becoming extinct while continuing to push technological changes even further and, hence, aggravating air, soil and water pollution. Capitalist market economy adopted throughout most of the world exists in a greater ponzi scheme which is based on unlimited consumption, and, inevitably, increases waste generation. It turned into a global ecological catastrophe pushing the biosphere to the brink of extinction. A whopping 97 percent of ecologists worldwide…


On the eve of environmental collapse – Planet Rescue Committee

For the first time, our civilization faces an environmental disaster of a planetary scale. Its components are as follows. Energy crisis associated with the exhaustion of natural resources, which form the basis of the current technocivilization. Climatic catastrophe caused by the pollution of the planet and the atmosphere by technical emissions. Biological catastrophe – diseases…


Обращение участников Первого заседания экологического «Гамбургского клуба Eco Sapiens»

Обращение участников Первого заседания экологического «Гамбургского клуба Eco Sapiens» о необходимости создания Комитета спасения планеты для предотвращения всеобщей климатической гибели. МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЙ КОМИТЕТ СПАСЕНИЯ ПЛАНЕТЫ  необходим для предотвращения всеобщей климатической гибели Обращение участников Первого заседания экологического «Гамбургского клуба Eco Sapiens» 28 сентября 2019 года, г. Москва Заслушав доклады высококвалифицированных экспертов, участники заседания пришли к единодушному выводу,…


International Committee for Saving the Planet (Russian, English – titers, Chinese, German)

Russian, Chinese Сегодня мы будем говорить о вещах очень жестких, жизненно важных. 今天我们将讨论至关重要的问题。 О них не хотят слышать. Не знают и не хотят знать миллионы людей. 成千上万的人不愿意听见这个问题。 不知道也不愿意知道。 Потому что это вытаскивает людей из зоны комфорта. 因为这个问题让人觉得不舒服。 Люди вынуждены задуматься о том,  что завтра будет плохо, а значит сегодня надо делать что-то. 人们不得已想到明天的困境,所以今天开始就应该采取措施了。 Я буду…


Russia, Shies: the authorities’ war against nature and people. The hot stage of the conflict.

The authorities of degenerates are destroying the Earth like a suicidal maniac. It seems that no one can stand against it. But… At the Shies station, Arkhangelsk Region, the civilian riot has started. There, in deep northern forests in the swamps the “garbage mafia” is intending to make the largest in Europe municipal solid waste deposit 30km length and 1km width dumping 1 million 200 thousand tons…


Our Goal – Eco-сivilization

Russian strategy to lead out of the deadlock Proposal by a network of independent experts community Thirty years of perestroika destroyed all spheres of life in Russia. The cause of the disaster is that Russia fell under the power of world parasitic structures, which select those people in the ruling elites of the country who…


Siberia Ordered Burned!

Russian people appeared to be in the midst of a hybrid war. A full destruction of territories inhabited by Russians is one of the goals. Massive extermination of mineral resources, deforestation and arson are proved to be war technologies. If there is a Hell on Earth, it is in Siberia. Devastating wildfires which roared across Siberia in summer 2019 prompt us to speak out about a man-made disaster. To be specific, wildfires started in the Far East in spring and spread over Irkutsk…